11.3 fri. to 11.5 sun.

Alberto Guijarro


In 1991 he created Producciones Animadas, a concert promoter company that introduced club culture in Spain and Catalonia, programming different DJs and international pop and electronic bands. Since 1994 it has run one of the most successful national venues, the Sala Apolo. Every day it schedules club sessions and shows in a wide range of styles, from jazz to electronic music, including electronic music, flamenco, hip hop, avant-garde and rock music. In 2001 he created the Primavera Sound festival, which he co-directs. Primavera Sound has experienced a great growth, from 8,000 spectators in the first edition to 220,000 in the last one from 20 to 280 bands in 17 different venues. This growth has not affected the quality and has increased its international reputation year after year. Founder and president of the Associació de Sales de Concerts de Catalunya (ASACC) between 2002 and 2010.

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