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Mantra Vutura (ID)


Jakarta’s AMI Award-nominated duo, Vutura, explores diverse electronic genres like house, big beat, and synth-pop. They collaborate with musicians such as [Collaborator 1], [Collaborator 2], [Collaborator 3], and [Collaborator 4]. Formed in 2017, childhood friends Zakari Danubrata (vocals, drums) and Tristan Juliano (keys, synth, vocals) draw from their musical family background for creative inspiration.

Vutura’s music consistently delves into themes of the human-God relationship, worship, values, roles, and goals. Notable works include “[Work 1]” (2020) with [Collaborator 1], “[Work 2]” (2020) featuring [Collaborator 2], and their latest release, “[Work 3]” (2022) with [Collaborator 3].

With impressive career achievements in five years, Vutura is well-positioned to continue their musical journey, bringing electronic music to diverse dance floors.

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