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Nikko&Mysterious Bags


冠妤Nikko: born on April 7, 2001, is captivated by mysteries, poetry, and minerals. They communicate with the outside world through singing and writing, possessing a sincere and warmly introspective voice. Nikko excels at companionship, delicately guiding and healing intense emotions. They gently and intimately outline those unspoken aspects of the self.
Mysterious Bags:The establishment of Mysterious Bags aims to bring together talented Taiwanese musicians who have returned from Europe and the United States, connecting their experiences and transforming them into a collective creative musical group. They aspire to make each piece of work revolve around the core concepts of “memory” and “surprise,” with jazz music’s improvisation and rhythm serving as the main theme. By blending these elements with Mandarin pop music, which represents their shared culture, they strive to create a fresh combination of memories and surprises.

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