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Hyunjoon Shin


Hyunjoon Shin 申鉉準 Hyunjoon Shin’ official title is a professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Institute for East Asian Studies at Sungkonghoe University. Having received his Ph.D. with a thesis on the transformation of the Korean music industry at Seoul National University, he has carried out broader research on popular culture, particularly popular music in Korea and East Asia. He has worked as a comprehensive writer on popular music all over the world both academically and journalistically, seriously and casually. He has been unofficially but influentially involved in the indie music scene in Seoul since its inception in the mid-1990s. He thinks he has constructed significant connections and networks of musicians, scholars, critics, and academics in the East Asian region. His dream is to write histories of East Asian popular music as well as the 21st century indie/live music in English.

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