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Sarah Deshita


Sarah Deshita has been involved in the music since the beginning of her career. Starting out as a radio DJ in one of Indonesia’s prominent radio she quickly became a music director. Sarah later on joined Ismaya Live in 2012 birthing many notable music festivals which aligns with her passion of attending music festivals around the globe. Having attended numerous music festivals, Sarah understands the value of a wholly immersive festival experience. Her truly inspiring expertise and experience in the music industry received recognition by fellow peers leading her to receive invitations to be a speaker in several conferences nationally and internationally. Sarah took the time to go back to school to pursue a degree in music business at Point Blank Music School in London, UK. Currently, Sarah is enjoying her time as a mother of one while still working at her field of expertise, music. Now she’s also running her own creative studio, established in 2022 under the MAD Haus group, named Jagjag Studio, aiming to create a more welcoming ecosystem in the music industry.

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