lucfest 2022 coming up


lucfest 2022 coming up

Collecting your Wristband

Your wristband is your entry into the festival and can only be redeemed with your e-ticket QRcode. Please DO NOT take the e-ticket directly to the venue!

All Wristbands are non-transferable/non-refundable. Please keep your wristband on at all times throughout the duration of the event.

【How to redeem the wristband】
♞ Please bring the “e-ticket QRcode” to the “Wristband Redemption desk” to redeem the wristband.
♞ For media and VIPs, please go to the “Media/PR desk”, let us know your name, and you can redeem the wristband.
♞ Holders of disabled tickets must present the handicap handbook when redeeming the wristbands. If there are any irregularities such as lack of documents, unqualified qualifications, the difference in ticket price must be paid before admission. The companions need to go to the Wristband Redemption counter together, which the staff will put on the wristband on the spot.

♞ Except for the accommodation package, one ticket can only be redeemed for one wristband, which can only be collected in person by yourself, and your wristband must be put on by the staff on the spot.
♞ A wristband is only for one person, please do not transfer it or take it off by yourself during all four days of the event. If it’s too tight, please go to the service desk and ask the staff for assistance.
♞ If the QRcode of the e-ticket is not brought, lost or cannot be recognized, a new ticket must be purchased.
♞ Wristbands are required to enter and leave the venues for the four days of the event. Tickets and wristbands are regarded as cash, please keep them properly. If it’s lost or damaged, you will not be able to enter the venue.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer call will be announced on LUCfest Facebook/Instagram before the event.
But of course, feel free to write to anytime and introduce yourself, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Q1: Can I go on Thursday and Friday and let my friend go on Saturday and Sunday?

No! At LUCfest, tickets will be redeemed for a wristband at our service desk. Our staff will help you put on the wristnand on site and you can’t transfer it to another person.

Q2: Can I take my wristband off?

NONONO Don’t do that! You’ll need the wristband to access venues during all four days of the event. If it’s too tight, please go to the service desk and ask the staff for assistance.

Q3: How to redeem the wristband?

Just take the e-ticket QRcode to our wristband redemption desk, please refer to the detailed instructions here.

Q4: I can’t find my wristband. What can i do?

The wristband is required to enter all the venues for the four days of the event. If it is lost or damaged, you must buy a new ticket to redeem a new wristband! Please hold it tie and take good care of it.

Q5: Can I help my friends redeem the wristband?

Nope! The staff will help you put on the wristband on the spot, so your friends have to do it by themselves.

Q6: Do you have tickets for a single show?

No, if you only want to watch one single performance, best fit is to buy a day ticket for that day. However we do gather all the talented artists here, since you already have the ticket, why not to have a few more shows? You’ll definitely be amazed.

Q7: Can I buy the merch of the performing artists on site?

Sure! There will be a sales booth around for artists’ merch. Details will be announced on or Facebook/Instagram before LUCfest. Follow us!

Q8: I want to buy merch of LUCfest, where to?

You have really good taste! There will be a sales booth around for LUCfest’s merch. Details will be announced on or Facebook/Instagram before LUCfest. Don’t miss it.

Q9: Where can I get the festival brochure?

During the event, you can get brochure for free at all venues, we will also put an e-brochure on our official website. If you are a shop/store owner and want to set out our brochures, please contact us via

Q10: Can I take children with me? Any additional tickets required?

Children under the age of 12 (inclusive) can join LUCfest free. However, please DM us in advance, let us know your order number and name. One parent is limited to take one child with her/him. Please also consider the situation of children. The volume of live performances is really high, we highly recommended to prepare hearing protection for children!

Q11: Can I watch all the shows in all the venues with the ticket?

Of course, you can watch all of the shows at LUCfest with 3+1 Day PASS and PRO PASS. If you buy a day ticket, you’ll be able to watch all the shows on that day. Have fun!

Q12: Will all the showcases be different?

Absolutely NOT THE SAME! During the LUCfest, there will be more than 60 group of artists bring out their most unique performance. Decidophobia Alert!

Q13: Do you sell disabled tickets?

Yes, please refer to the instructions on the ticket sales page for how to purchase disabled tickets.

Q14: Is there a limit capacity in each venue?

Each venue has a different limit on the number of people. Admission will be limited when the number of people in the venue reaches the limit of capacity. Please follow the instructions of the staff on-site.

Q15: Can I still buy tickets on site?

Yes! LUCfest implement e-ticket this year. The tickets can still be purchased on Klook during the event.

Q16: Any discounts deal on transportation and accommodation?

Yes! We have special deals with HSR and many hotels in Tainan, please check Klook for more information.

Q17: Will the show go live online?

No, just get the ticket and see the live in Tainan!

Q18: What is the difference between PRO PASS and 3+1 Day PASS?

In addition to showcase performances, PRO PASS holders can also participate in music conferences and forums to communicate and interact with people in the music industry around the world. if you are looking to know more about global music industry, here is a good chance to learn.

I still have a question…

Is your question not in this FAQ-section? Feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

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