lucfest 2022 coming up


lucfest 2022 coming up

LUCfest for lucky people

LUCfest is a showcase festival combines music conference that footholds in Taiwan, aims to connect with Asia to further the global music industry. From 3rd. Nov. 2022(Thu) to 6th. Nov. 2022(Sun), LUCfest will present a 4 day festival in Tainan, more than 60 showcases will be hold at 6 different stages around the city, over 200 international industry pros, includes record companies, labels, festival curators and media will join the event.

 LUCfest is designed to bring on different markets and music style. We dedicated to provide a complete and diverse combination of Asian music, artist creativity and aesthetics. Not only leads the audience to deeply explore the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music, but establish a platform for information and resource exchange between Asian and Western music industry, promoting talented Taiwanese artists to the international stages.

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