11.3 fri. to 11.5 sun.

Ryan David Peterson

Denmark/ Australia

13:20pm - 14:00pm
. Going Viral: The Connection Between Social Media and Streaming


Ryan Peterson is originally from Sydney, Australia, but made his way to live permanently in Copenhagen after a 3 year stint in the United States. He fell in love with Red Hot Chilli Peppers at age 12 which bred his passion and desire to be involved in music. He was active in his own band through high school, later discovering a piqued interest in music industry after reading Anthony Kiedis – Scar Tissue. Upon arriving to Denmark, Ryan met Morten Winther and Lasse Fabricius Persson, founders of Stellar Music Group, and soon after they co-founded Stellar Trigger in March 2020 off the back of Maximillian’s success story in Southeast Asia. He has since run the agency/label venture at Trigger over the last 3 years – being involved with some of the world’s biggest artists, as well as the development of up and coming global talent.

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