11.3 fri. to 11.5 sun.

Viet Hai Nguyen

Czech Republic

11:40am - 12:20pm
. Cutting Through the Noise: Post-Pandemic Oversaturation in the Live Music Market


David is a second-generation Vietnamese, living in the Czech Republic where he was raised in the spa town of Jáchymov, where Marie Curie discovered the uranium for which she won the Nobel prize.David is a booker with Rock for People – one of the major festivals in the Czech Republic which hosted Slipknot, Machine Gun Kelly, The 1975, and Muse as headliners this year. The 28th edition of the festival will be on June 12th–15th 2024 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. David is also promoting concerts under Rock for People Concerts and is the manager of Prague-based indie-rock/pop band I Love You Honey Bunny. He was included in the IQ Magazine’s New Bosses list 2022 and was nominated as Tomorrow’s New Bosses by the Arthur Awards ILMC conference.

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