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Virgin Vacation (HK)

Hong Kong

假日貞操 Virgin Vacation is an four piece instrumental band based in Hong Kong. Formed in 2018 by Step Ip, Wing Chan, Jimmy Hedges and Chan Chin Ho. Virgin Vacation is a music experiment in exploring new sounding through combining both structural and non-structural music forms. Virgin Vacation combines math rock, improvisational free jazz, krautrock, spoken words and electronic beats to create spiralling hypnotic soundscapes that are unique in their own right. They are known for their collaborations with artists in different genre, filmmakers and other musicians and their experimental approach in music composition in creating new music. They play frequently in different venues in Hong Kong and participated in music festivals such as Clockenflap 2023, PopFest 2023, EarUp Fest 2023 & 2020, LucFest 2021 & Focus Wales 2020. They released their debut EP in 2021 and recently released two new singles ‘RED’ and ‘Forest’ in collaboration with rapper Gold Mountain, folk musician singer-songwriter Tomii Chan, and the Romer String Quartet for the upcoming album release in late 2023.

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